Primary School Evidence of Impact

Hi all,

Looking for some more help from my esteemed fellow Mindsetters!! I have a number of one day Mindset INSETS coming up and a couple of the heads have asked me if I could include evidence of impact of Mindset theory.  There is obviously loads of Dweck research which I already use but I can’t find any Primary school examples.  I have included a synopsis of anecdotal OMP evidence from Primary schools but was wondering if anybody was aware of any ‘hard’ data from the primary phase?

Thank you again all



Staff Appraisal – Mindset Style

Hi everyone,

First of all, do please feel free to post your questions, anecdotes and related experiences on here.  Would be great to get it up and running as a useful forum, especially when we all get back to it in September and the new OMP portfolio etc.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience or ideas with helping a school re design their appraisal system, especially with Mindset as a focus.  I have been asked to help a school do this and then launch it to the school.  There is obviously a load of material I will use in the Launch regarding how staff can view the appraisal system from a growth Mindset but I was wondering if there was anything out there to inform the appraisal system itself.

Would value any thoughts.


Extending the use of ‘The Pit’

I have been thinking about a comment I read somewhere which I think was saying that the Pit was to be used when stuck through conflict and not being stuck through simply not knowing how to solve something. What does everyone think, is that true?

At the beginning of the year I was introducing an element of Algebra with some year 6 pupils using the Pit.  I put a problem on the board which I knew they wouldn’t be able to do and gave them 2 minutes in small groups to se if they could solve it.  I used this experience to get them to discuss what it feels like when they are stuck or can’t see a way through something.  We talked about wobbling and panic and stress etc etc.  I then introduced the Pit as a metaphor for where they were and we talked about the learning that could be had in the pit and the benefit of struggle using past examples from their lives.  The rest of the lesson was then a whole class effort (with my help and guidance at times) to begin to scaffold themselves out of the pit (or at least part way out) through a bit of trial and error a bit of my nudging.

I see the pupils twice a week and they now reference the Pit all the time and seem to take a lot of value from it especially recently as they have been getting ready for the Sats.  I wonder that you think though, is this the correct use of the Pit.  Is there such a thing as the correct use?

Revealing the Iceberg

Thank you Elizabeth for pointing out this really excellent piece of research.

It sparked a question around timing and when would be best to introduce this kind of work to a research team parts of a research team.  I am wrestling between introducing work like this early on to inspire Vs introducing it later on once research topics have been chosen so as not to influence and limit choice due to individuals wanting to copy or do a similar piece of work.  Would love your feedback on this, especially those of you who have already done a complete cycle of the OMP.

Thanks all

Pitching Challenge to the Fixed Mindset

Hi all,

A quick question that I am struggling to fully answer, I wonder if anybody has some thoughts on this.

We know that correctly pitched high challenge to a GMS child can lead increased interest and great results. But how do we pitch challenge and inspire interest to a FMS child without massaging their need to feel smart?

Pride for our Children

So I have been wrestling with the idea of instilling intrinsic rather that extrinsic motivation in children (both my own children and those I teach).  In particular I have been going backward and forwards with the idea of pride and communicating our pride for our children (for either who they are or for what they have achieved.)

My struggle is that communicating this pride can push our children to perform and ultimately operate from extrinsic motivation.  However, my gut tells me that there is a balance here and that children need to experience an element of pride from their teachers and parents?

I would love to know what some of you think on this.  I wonder if there is an issue of semantics and what we actually mean when we use the word pride.

Over to you